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Tesla claims it can control how customers use its self-driving car

Posted on 10/21 22:49 in Shows | 0

The company also included some details on how customers who purchase self-driving vehicles are allowed to use their cars.The company’s claims will almost certainly be tested in court, given how Tesla is attempting to execute a fairly massive power grab.

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Internet struck by waves of outages as massive DDoS attack affects major services

Posted on 10/21 21:10 in Shows | 0

Rolling outages and intermittent connectivity problems hit the Internet today, thanks to a massive DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack launched at DNS provider Dyn.A website’s DNS address functions much like your home address.

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Trouble around Mars and Jupiter: this week in space

Posted on 10/21 19:56 in Shows | 0

A little further out, Eta Carinae is a colossal binary star system that’s really tearing up its environment.Last week astronomers were pointing the VLT interferometer at Eta Carinae, and their efforts resulted in our closest look ever at Eta Carinae.

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ET deals: Save 35% on a Dell UltraSharp U2913WM ultra-wide monitor

Posted on 10/21 17:55 in Shows | 0

Today, Dell is offering up the 29-inch UltraSharp U2913WM 21:9 monitor at a 35% discount.Even better, Dell will throw in a $100 bonus gift card to sweeten the deal.

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How to install the Android 7.1 developer preview on your device

Posted on 10/21 17:55 in Shows | 0

These phones run Android 7.The Pixel phones have some exclusive features, including built-in Google Assistant, the new Pixel Launcher, and fingerprint sensor gestures.

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iPhone 7 storage tests show higher-end models are significantly faster than the 32GB version

Posted on 10/21 16:37 in Shows | 0

According to Unbox Therapy’s Lew Hilsenteger, there’s an up to 8x speed difference between the 32GB and 256GB Apple iPhone 7 in speed tests.Now, this is a fairly ugly showing for the iPhone 7 32GB, but dedicated storage tests aren’t always the best way to check how fast a device really is.

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Mission control has lost contact with the ESA’s ExoMars lander

Posted on 10/21 15:45 in Shows | 0

As it would seem, the Great Galactic Ghoul is still hungry, and the ESA’s ExoMars Schiaparelli lander might have been its next meal.Just moments before the lander was to touchdown on Martian soil, mission control lost contact with it, and it isn’t looking good for the surface mission.

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IBM claims moving to Mac drastically reduced support calls, operating costs

Posted on 10/21 13:57 in Shows | 0

“The goal was to deliver a great employee choice program and strive to achieve the best Mac program,” Previn said.The $273 to $543 savings is the expected amount over four years compared with a conventional Windows PC deployment.

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iPhone 7s with Intel modems struggle badly in low-signal areas

Posted on 10/20 22:41 in Shows | 0

Previously, Apple has tapped both Samsung and TSMC to build its SoCs, but stuck with the same Qualcomm modem for all its hardware.The graph below is from Band 4, which Cellular Insights describes as the most common band for North America LTE deployments.

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Nintendo announces Nvidia-powered Switch hybrid game console

Posted on 10/20 20:00 in Shows | 0

From portable play to multiplayer matches in games like Splatoon, the Nintendo Switch is the hybrid system it was rumored to be.It’s not clear if the Switch is fully compatible with the Wii U or if the company is porting certain titles to the new platform for re-release.

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Switch Is the Dream Console Nintendo's Been Working Toward for Years

Posted on 10/20 19:55 in Shows | 0

Glance at Nintendo Switch, the company’s edgy new video gaming console due next March, and the ultimate takeaway is that you don’t need to look twice to grok what Nintendo’s up to.The Wii U failed to capture the public’s imagination (and dollars) the way the Wii did a decade ago.

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Deep-dwelling bacteria could rewrite our understanding of where alien life could take hold

Posted on 10/20 19:07 in Shows | 0

Finding bacteria in extreme environments, like at thermal ocean vents or in the sulfur pools at Yellowstone, isn’t all that novel.In 1991, remote-control robots brought out samples of pitch-black fungi that had been growing inside the ruins of the Chernobyl reactor.

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Tesla declares victory on self-driving car hardware, announces full autonomous capability

Posted on 10/20 19:07 in Shows | 0

But to fulfill Tesla’s promise of full Level 5 capability, eventually it will need to be able to get you door to door.The fine print in Tesla’s announcement reveals that cars with the new hardware will actually have less features for now (and that’s expected to start changing in December).

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Everything to Know About Nintendo's New 'Switch' Console

Posted on 10/20 17:50 in Shows | 0

Here’s a closer look at everything we know about the Switch so far.The Nintendo Switch is a new console that can be used to play games on your television at home and on-the-go.

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Cheaper, longer-lasting epinephrine pills could soon replace overpriced EpiPens

Posted on 10/20 17:20 in Shows | 0

For people with severe allergies, having a ready supply of epinephrine (also known as adrenaline) can be the difference between a mild inconvenience and death.Scientists are close to developing an epinephrine pill.

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Watch the Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer Right Here

Posted on 10/20 17:15 in Shows | 0

Gaming studio Rockstar Games is out Thursday with the first trailer for the hotly anticipated Red Dead Redemption 2, a follow-up to what many critics consider one of the best games ever made.It’s more of a theatrical trailer, revealing little about Red Dead 2‘s gameplay.

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Nintendo Reveals Radical New Game Console That Goes Anywhere You Do

Posted on 10/20 16:34 in Shows | 0

At last, we know what Nintendo’s new console, codenamed NX, is all about.The new device, out March 2017, is called Nintendo Switch.

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Samsung is refusing to pay for property damage caused by its exploding Note 7 phone

Posted on 10/20 15:31 in Shows | 0

When Samsung began recalling the Galaxy Note 7, we praised the company’s quick action and willingness to address the problems caused by its device.Now, adding insult to injury, Samsung is trying to get out of paying for the property damage its devices caused.

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Apple claims more than 90 percent of ‘genuine’ Apple chargers sold on Amazon are fake

Posted on 10/20 13:43 in Shows | 0

It’s common to see Apple-compatible chargers and hardware for sale on Amazon and advertised as genuine Apple products — but according to Apple, the vast majority of these products are fake and built to terrible quality standards.The internal components are vastly different when compared with a genuine UL Listed Apple adapter.

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Nintendo NX Console to Be Revealed

Posted on 10/20 03:45 in Shows | 0

The world’s long-awaited first look at Nintendo’s NX next-gen platform is finally happening.The company says it’ll run a “preview trailer” for the system — NX isn’t its official brand, just a codename — on Thursday, October 20 at 10 a.

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