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Super Adventures Of Chad & Chris - Street Fighter EX3

If there’s one thing that I’ve noticed slowly fade into obscurity within the world of gaming, it’s local multiplayer and couch co-op. My golden years of gaming were no doubt from the N64 days up to Sony’s PlayStation 2, an era where multiplayer actually required being physically next to someone. Save for a few games – online multiplayer is all the rage now.

Super Adventures is here to fix that. Chris and myself aim to showcase some of our favourite local multiplayer games, hidden gems that you might have never heard of and timeless classics.

First cab off the rank is Street Fighter EX3 for the PS2. Now the Street Fighter EX games are without a doubt, my all-time favourite of the Street Fighter series. No amount of Super, Ultra, Hyper or Mega versions of Street Fighter IV can change that. While it was the first 3D SF game, ever, the series has generally received a bad rap for being overly clunky and slow. But being the first SF that game that I ever took seriously, the EX series holds a special place in my heart. The amount of hours Chris and I lost playing this game, I can’t even begin to comprehend. (We both skipped a day of school to play it, later to find out we had a major test that we completely forgot about it).

So grab a drink and sit your butt down as we try to best each other in a set of three. Enjoy!

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