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Logitech G502 Proteus Core Gaming Mouse Review

When I got invited to a Logitech event to discuss gaming things, I thought ‘what possible reason could they have to bring together a bunch of fat sweaty journalists to drink and eat (on their dollar) simply to talk shit about the biz?’ There was lots of talk about the history of Logitech, and something about what a gamer ‘is’, and I choked on a pastry of some sort while trying to answer a question, and in the end, the whole room of writers felt as though the had contributed their vast sea of knowledge into a tidal wave that Logitech would surely surf to to the shores of great success.

Which is what they had planned, I think, because at the very end of the day, they said they had a new mouse coming out. The cynical part of me saw this as a ploy to get us on-side, make us feel good, maybe talk about Logitech on them social medias, and ultimately make an ‘event’ over an announcement that is normally reserved for a mass email.

However, even if they had gathered us there to distract us from the kidnapping of our loved ones, I am not one to shy away from free food and beer.

This is the Proteus Core, and I have to say, it looks pretty swish. See, Logitech haven’t been back in the gaming sector for that long, and as nearly all their other products look serious and like something your Dad would use, the Proteus is a great deviation from that style. It’s reminiscent of Mad Catz, but without looking like a shitty Transformer trying to hide as an ugly looking mouse. The different reflective surfaces, combined with the contrasting blue on the thumb rest and glowing blue G makes it look fun – the kind of mouse I’d have on my desk to let all the ladies who come into my room immediately know I’m a gamer and worth sleeping with.

All in all, it’s a nice looking mouse that straddles serious and playful – a grown-ups gaming mouse.

Those different reflective surfaces of black I’ve mentioned are all thanks to the power of using different materials, which, aside from looking pretty, makes this the second most comfortable mouse I’ve ever used, the first being that wireless doohickey, which is so fucking comfortable I would gladly fall asleep with it in my hand.

Where your thumb and ringfinger/pinky naturally rest (for me, anyway) is…treaded? What’s that word that means it has ridges and grooves for grip? Whatever that word is, that’s what this mouse has. It’s softer plastic at these points, so you feel like you have the best grip possible at all times. To be perfectly honest, between this and the wireless mouse, I’ve had my mind completely change on what it means for a mouse to be nice to touch and hold.

The clicky parts (what the hell is wrong with my vocabulary?), the left and right mouse buttons, according to Google, are smooth plastic but not something you’ll find your fingers randomly slipping off anytime soon.

Now, this mouse was a particular pleasure because it doesn’t have any god damn buttons down the right side, because FUCK those buttons. Instead, I have the great pleasure of saying that this mouse has almost perfect ‘extra button’ placement – two next to the left button (which are out of the way but not so far you need to break your fingers to use them) and one just in front of your thumb on the left hand side.

The two are initially used for changing sensitivity (ranging from ‘are you sure you’re swinging the mouse hard enough? to ‘WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON’) and the thumb button is for quick access to ‘are you swinging the mouse hard enough?’. This function has actually served me well in both Dota 2 and Titanfall when I’ve needed to make some fine movements. Go me, amirite?

Adjusting the weight of the mouse is incredibly easy – that blue thumbrest bit? That is the thing you hold to pull off the bottom of the mouse, and it’s joined magnetically. The amount of mice I’ve nearly broken because I’m too stubborn to read the instructions and tried to figure out just where it is I have to pull to get the bottom off is embarrassing for me. So I won’t tell you the digits in question.

I think the only complaint I have about this mouse is the wheel – it has two modes (which can be changed with a quick click of the button just below it), and those are ‘free’ and ‘clunky as a rock sandwich’. Also, and I know this is a pretty retarded complaint, but if you shake the mouse, you can hear the wheel rattle. For some reason, it greatly disturbs me.

I’ve had nothing less than an amazing time with this mouse. It has a great feel, great flow, and while the initial settings are a little bit crazy, you can always change your profiles (the Proteus stores three) with a simple click of the button under the mouse wheel button.

The word button appears too many times in this article. For that, forgiveness pleasu.

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