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A 'Star Wars: Rogue One' Holiday Gift Guide For The Whole Family

Star Wars: Rogue One is almost upon us. The film lands in theaters on December 16th. That’s just over a week before Christmas.

Indeed, the two events will likely be met with equal religious fervor and consumer rapture, so why not combine the two into one helpful gift guide?

Below are some ideas for the Star Wars fans in your life, both young and old. Let me know if you have some other ideas in the comments!

LEGO has been at the forefront of all things Star Wars for ages. This year is no different. LEGO has released some truly awesome sets to celebrate the new film.

Here are three epic Rogue One LEGO sets to consider this Christmas:

Designed for ages 9-14 (though come on, you’re never too old for LEGOs!) this is more complicated build than some, but well worth the time and effort. And trust me, the 863 pieces will require plenty of your time, though it’s a great way to hang out with your kids.

The black shuttle has folding wings, firing lasers, and comes with six LEGO figurines, including the wicked Krennic, two Imperial Death Troopers, the droid K-2SO, as well as Bodhi Rook and Pao.

If you’re looking for something a bit more heroic, look no further than the Rebel U-Wing Fighter. This is a nice twist for Star Wars fans, since we’re all pretty used to X-Wings by now.

The set is a bit less complicated than the previous one, with an 8-14 age rating and just 659 pieces.

The U-Wing may be the main attraction, but the characters it comes with are awesome. The set includes the film’s main protagonist, Jyn Erso, as well as Cassian Andor, a generic U-Wing pilot, a Rebel Trooper, and Bistan.

The cheapest and smallest of the three sets, the Tie Striker is rated ages 8-14 and boasts 543 pieces. It’s not to be confused with the more compact TIE Fighter, however. This is another nice twist on a familiar spaceship from the Star Wars universe.

Like the Imperial Shuttle above, the wings on the TIE Striker are adjustable, though it’s a more compact vessel.

All told, another great set and a bit cheaper than the others. No named heroes are included, but it comes with an Imperial Storm Trooper, an Imperial Ground Crew (with the funky mask) a TIE Pilot, and one lonely Rebel Trooper to keep the rest at bay, so a pretty good variety of figurines.

I wish there were more Rogue One games out there, or just more Star Wars games in general. Right now, for modern games at least, you only have one choice for Rogue One, and one more choice for Star Wars.

Star Wars: Battlefront is an online multiplayer shooter that pits the Rebels vs the Empire in maps on planets from across a galaxy far, far away. There’s content from Episode VII like Jakku, and there’s content from the original trilogy, including the moon of Endor.

On December 6th, the final DLC pack drops, and it includes content from Rogue One. The Rogue One: Scarif pack will let gamers experience battles on the film’s planet Scarif a full ten days before they can on the big screen.

Along with four new maps set on Scarif, players will be able to play the new hero Jyn Erso and the new villain Director Krennic as well. Oh, and the very same day the PlayStation VR X-Wing VR Mission drops as well, which is free so long as you own the main game. Finally you’ll be able to fly an X-Wing in virtual reality…if you play on PS4.

$39.99 for the “Ultimate” Edition at Amazon, or $31.99 for Prime members.

Okay, so this game isn’t about Rogue One, but it covers a lot of other ground, from The Force Awakens to various DLC packs that include prequel trilogy content, and even Star Wars: Rebels content.

To me that suggests that we might even get some Rogue One content, unless they make an entirely new game for the movie. But as it stands, that game isn’t a reality and neither is a DLC pack. Still, there’s a bunch of other great LEGO: Star Wars content in this kid-friendly game, and it’s all pretty funny. It should still make a great gift for Star Wars gamers.

Most of the books coming out about Rogue One won’t release until after the movie (because of obvious things like spoilers) so I can’t offer insight into their quality just yet. Still, here are some options for die-hard Star Wars fans looking for some art and literature tie-ins to Rogue One.

Pretty much exactly what you’d expect, this is a visual guide to the film, including stills and detailed descriptions of characters, the setting and so forth.

The author, Pablo Hidalgo, also put together the Star Wars: The Force Awakens The Visual Dictionary which is a great book that’s received a terrific fan reception.

2. The Art of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story


Another hardcover visual book, this one includes the artwork from Rogue One, fleshing out the movie’s visual tapestry.

Since it’s not out yet, I can’t comment on the book’s quality. However, it’s done in the same style as the excellent The Art of Star Wars: The Force Awakens so I have high hopes.

Written by James Luceno (TarkinCatalyst serves as a prequel to the film, detailing the events leading up to the movie’s story. As such, it provides useful background information to what we’re about to see. It might make a better “pre-Christmas” gift in this regard. It’s a good read in its own right, but it will serve the Star Wars fan in your life best if read before seeing the film on December 16th.

The novelization of the film won’t release until after the movie is out in theaters. We have no way of knowing how good it is until then. However, author Alexander Freed’s other books, which are comprised of novel tie-ins to Dragon Age and Star Wars: Battlefront and so forth are all well-regarded and big hits with fans. So that’s good!

5. The Official Star Wars: Rogue One Calendar

This 16-month calendar includes a bunch of great artwork for the movie, including characters and locations. And besides, what’s Christmas gift-giving without at least one calendar?

There’s always a bunch of Star Wars action figures to choose from. I’ve been collecting these since I was a kid in the 80s’ and still have many of the original action figures from the original trilogy.

The larger “Black” series figurines are especially great both for kids and collectors. You can get the 6″ Jyn Erso figurine for $12.50, Rogue One pilot Cassian Andor for $15.49; and the sleek Imperial Death Trooper for $15.99.


Of the smaller 4″ figurines, my favorite pack of the season is the Scarif Storm Trooper/Moroff Deluxe Pack because Moroff is the coolest Star Wars toy since Chewbacca. It’s $11.99 at Amazon.

An adorable alternative to action figures, Funko’s POP figurines are as cute as they are addictive. Trust me when I say this: Be careful when you start buying POP characters, because there always seems to be another one that’s even cuter. In any case, there’s tons of characters from Rogue One to choose from, ranging from a little over $5 to a little over $8.


I have Jyn Erso, but I want the Imperial Death Trooper and K-2SO also. Oh, and Cassian Andor and Baze Malbus and Saw Gererra and…you see how it is.

A little off the beaten path of toys, books, and video games, we come to very sharp blades. Razors, to be precise.

Gillette has some pretty cool razors available with some Rogue One branding. The boxes are cool because they have some great artwork, but the insides are also pretty neat.

Take the Fusion Proshield razorblade. It’s a sleek grey and yellow base with matching blades, and costs $18.51 on Amazon.


That may not seem like something you’d buy for yourself, but it’s a great gift idea for the Star Wars fans in your life. Well, at least the older ones. For kids? Not so much.

There’s also a blue version of the above razor currently going for just $9.88, as well as a gift pack which includes the razor, one blade, a case, the shaving gel and a stick of deodorant for just $14.88.

That’s all for now. If you, dear readers, spot anything cool that should go on a Rogue One gift guide, please let me know in the comments or on Twitter @erikkain. Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays!

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