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PSN Down Once Again As Users Report Login Problems

The PlayStation Network is down for many gamers, and Sony’s PSN Network Status page is showing all services in the red as of this writing.

I noticed the outage when I tried to login to Watch Dogs 2 today and, even though it’s a single-player game as well, discovered that I’d been locked out with a message stating that this wasn’t my primary PS4 (even though it is.)

It appears the outage began around 3:42 pm EST:

When I tested my network connection on my PS4 Pro I could connect to the internet but not the PlayStation Network. I received a message that the network was undergoing maintenance. However, the official PlayStation support Twitter account has not posted anything about the outage as of this writing.

“You may have some difficulty signing in or creating an account on PlayStation™Network,” the PSN Status webpage noted at 3:58 pm EST. “Our engineers are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible, and we thank you for your patience.”

I’ve reached out to Sony for more information about this latest outage and will report back once I hear anything.

Sony raised the price of PlayStation Plus by $10/year this past September. It appears even with a price increase, the PSN is still a little more unstable than we would all like. The last time the PSN went down in a significant way was in October.

So much for playing Watch Dogs 2 this afternoon. C’est la vie.

Are you having trouble getting online with your PS4?

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