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You Can Now Watch The Brilliant 'Patlabor Reboot' For Free Online

The new Patlabor Reboot animated short is now available to watch for free online and it even includes English subtitles.

I covered that Patlabor was getting a brief anime update back in July but after watching it, I now want a whole series like this.

Animated by Studio Khara, the short uses a mix of CG and 2D animation. The results are great and fill my nerdy heart with a longing for more Patlabor anime.

This is because Patlabor is actually a very special anime series. It deals with a world full of humanoid mecha called labors. These are used for construction and other similarly heavy-duty work.

However, with the creation of labors comes labor related crime. This is combated in Tokyo by Patrol Labors, or Patlabors.

Unlike a lot of other mecha anime, Patlabor was set in the real world in a future that was tantalisingly close. It also had some of the best characters anime has to offer with some serious creative talent behind it as well.

Some of this talent has also been tapped for this reboot, with Kenji Kawai scoring the music again and Yutaka Izubuchi supervising his classic mecha designs.

While the original anime was set in an alternate version of the 90s, this reboot is set in the present day and deals with a frustrated labor worker live streaming his rampage through Tokyo.

The traditional characters have also been replaced, though this makes sense if it follows on chronologically from the original series, as most of those characters would be retired by now.

Anyway, watch this Patlabor Reboot anime short. It is thoroughly glorious. Then after that, feel free to devour the entirety of the Patlabor anime currently available in the West. You can thank me later.

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