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From Star Wars To Shopkins, These Are The Toys You're Looking For This Season

If you haven’t been seasonal shopping for the kids in your life, you’d better start. Today kicks off the mad season at mass retail, and Cyber-Monday will probably be a better bet to score some toys online, free from today’s mobs of bargain TV hunters. But what toys are in this season? Maybe you’ve listened to your kids and you already know. But maybe you’ve been busy, or maybe you’re looking to get the perfect present for a child who isn’t yours and you don’t see as often. Money can’t buy love, as they say, but if you want it to buy you a wide-eyed “Wow! Awesome!” on December 25th, here are some of your best bets:

While Hasbro has been trying to reinvent the Furby for a new generation, Spin Master one-upped them with these interactive pets that begin life as an egg, inside which you can hear your critter-to-be breathing. When it’s ready to come out, its eyes light up and it cracks the shell open – now you get to “raise” it through three stages of life, from baby to toddler to kid, as it learns to walk, dance, and play games, much like the Furbies of old. And in a damnably clever strategy to ensure you visit every store, there are exclusive versions for Walmart, Target and Toys R Us.

Here’s the problem: you’re not likely to find them. Spin Master underestimated demand, and while they plan to have more available come spring, you might have to pay upwards of $200 from toy profiteers to obtain the $59.99 toy, an approach the company itself does not recommend.

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