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A New 'Patlabor' Anime Series May Be On The Way After All

Following the release of the Patlabor Reboot online, it seems that a new Patlabor anime series may also be on the way.

In a post on Facebook, producer Taro Maki stated that a new Patlabor project is underway but that he’s not sure how many years it may take.

Maki is an important figure when it comes to Patlabor, as he produced the TV anime series Patlabor the Mobile Police back in the 90s.

This was a separate spin-off from the OVAs and movies but it also used the same characters as well as the overall setting.

It went in some interesting new directions though and dealt with a more aggressive Schaft Enterprises and a variety of their very powerful labors.

Considering how good the Patlabor Reboot short is, I am hoping that this new Maki produced series will follow on in a similar way.

The only obvious issue at this point is that the Patlabor Reboot was animated by Studio Khara. Currently, that studio is backlogged on the Rebuild of Evangelion movies and it will be a while before they are free for other projects.

Admittedly, a different studio could be used but it would be nice if there was a degree of continuity with this reboot and a new series.

In any case, more Patlabor in the world is always a good thing and I hope whatever Maki is planning happens sooner rather than later.

You can currently watch the Patlabor Reboot for free online with English subtitles. In addition, a wide selection of classic of Patlabor anime is available via retailers like Amazon.

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