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'The Last Guardian' Is Looking Lovely In Latest Introductory Trailer

With the release of The Last Guardian only a few weeks away, Sony has released some very interesting new footage from the beginning of the game.

In a new trailer (shown below), we see how the player gets to befriend Trico and in general, how parts of the game work.

Fumito Ueda’s background in game development stems from animation and it’s clear that in The Last Guardian, the animation looks surprisingly intricate.

Normally, complex and overly long animations impede player input, especially if they cannot be interrupted. Both Ico and Shadow of the Colossus managed their animations well in that regard and I am curious to see how they will work in The Last Guardian.

At the very least, The Last Guardian is looking lovely and it’s just a massive relief to realize that this game is finally coming out after nearly a decade in development.

My only real hope for the game is that it finds a larger audience than both Ico and Shadow of the Colossus did. While those games are generally very well regarded, by both gamers and developers, they never really broke out in terms of sales.

Admittedly, the HD remaster of both Ico and Shadow of the Colossus seemed to be quite popular, selling over a million copies worldwide, but considering the work that has clearly gone into The Last Guardian I would hate to see it underperform.

The Last Guardian is released for PS4 on December 6th.

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