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Someone Has Beaten 'Pokémon Sun And Moon' Using Just A Magikarp

It seems that a resourceful Japanese gamer has managed to beat Pokémon Sun and Moon by using only a Magikarp.

A gamer on Twitter, posted a series of images showing that their Magikarp had made it to the hall of fame in the game saying, “I made it to the hall of fame in Pokémon Sun and Moon just using a Magikarp I caught! I’m having sushi for dinner tonight!”

The sushi comment is also tied into the fact that this Magikarp is called Yashoku, which effectively means “evening meal” in Japanese.

To understand what’s happened here, the Magikarp in question has been kept in its form via the use of Everstone. This means it hasn’t evolved into Gyarados. It’s also level 70 and only uses a Normal flail attack.

Naturally, a fair few people online were skeptical of this feat and wanted to know how a Magikarp with a single Normal attack would be able to defeat things like Ghost type Pokémon.

The answer to this was to use up all the PP for Magikarp’s single Normal attack and then use struggle to damage the Ghost type Pokémon. In addition, on tougher battles this struggle tactic was used in reverse. In that you would constantly heal your Magikarp and let your opponent waste their PP, forcing them to use struggle. That in turn would force them to deplete their own health and allow you to defeat them.

While this isn’t a straight up brute force approach to using Magikarp, this kind of playthrough would have required a great deal of effort to accomplish. So in that regard, I definitely take my hat off to them.

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