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The PS4 Pro Is On Sale For Cyber Monday

The PS4 Pro may have just hit store shelves a few weeks ago, but that doesn’t mean that it’s immune from the general discounting that happens as soon as the turkey leaves the table. The souped-up version of the PS4 is receiving what I’m failry certain is its first-yet price cut, down to $339.99 at Amazon. note that while most PS4 or Xbox One bundles come with a game, this one is just the console, so plan accordingly. It seems to be, on a technical level, what we would consider a “cyber monday” sale, though the lines on such things are terribly fuzzy. Regardless, this is a solid price on a console that just came out, so take note.

Tangent: There’s something wonderfully anachronistic about the term “Cyber Monday.” It’s from a time when people still talked about “e-commerce” like it was substantially different from “commerce,” when Black Friday digital sales didn’t total in the billions, and when people were still wonderfully enthused about attaching the word “cyber” to things. Just imagine! It says. Get the best deals of the season without leaving your home! Maybe visit a chat room while you’re at it! What a world we live in now. Today, Cyber Monday barely exists as a distinct thing, but still manages to worm its way through the Internet that birthed it every year. End Tangent.

Myself and other writers at Forbes have been lukewarm on the Ps4 Pro as an upgrade: yes, it does play current PS4 games at 4K or occasionally does so with a higher framerate, but you’ll generally have a hard time telling the difference and will acclimate to the new experience in about an hour. I sit about 2 feet away from a 60-inch TV, and even at that distance I routinely forget I own a new console. So if you absolutely must have the newest and shiniest then sure, go ahead. But if you’ve already got a Ps4 you might as well wait for something genuinely new. Or just buy games.

If you don’t yet have a modern console, however, there are good arguments for making your new one the PS4 Pro. It’s not that much more expensive, it comes with a bigger hard drive already installed and lets you take advantage of a that shiny new TV. It isn’t a required machine to experience the best of modern gaming by any means, but it might be worth shelling out a couple of extra bucks to get the best thing on the market. And it’s a couple fewer bucks in this instance.

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