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Zotac Crams Powerful CPU and GPU Into Sleek Backpack For Immersive, Portable Virtual Reality

To do truly immersive virtual reality, or VR, justice, you need a powerful PC loaded up with a fast processor, high-end GPU, plenty of memory, and a speedy storage sub-system. To date, the best consumer VR experiences have been powered by big, burly PCs, featuring the latest, greatest hardware. ZOTAC, however, just announced a small-form-factor portable VR-Ready PC, dubbed the VR GO, that fits in a typical backpack.

“The VR GO is an exciting innovation for everyone to finally enjoy VR the way it is meant to be experienced,” says Tony Wong, CEO, Zotac International. “We want to provide the best of both worlds to our users: Powerful VR in high resolution and fast framerates while enjoying true mobility in a compact, wearable form. The VR GO is the best way to VR.”

The Zotac VR GO is powered by an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 graphics card and Intel Core i7-6700T series processor. With a fast CPU like a Skylake-based Core i7 and an NVIDIA Pascal-based GPU as capable as the 1070 (only the 1080 and Titan X are faster), the Zotac VR GO should be able to run the vast majority of today’s VR applications for both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive very well; according to the Steam VR benchmark designed to evaluate systems for readiness for the HTC Vive, the GTX 1070 achieves that maximum score of 11. Other specifications include 16GB of DDR4 RAM and a 240GB M.2 solid state drive. The memory is expandable up to 32GB, however, and an additional 2.5” drive bay is available as well.

“When designing the VR GO, we were keen on emphasizing the user experience,” Says Jacky Huang, Director of Mini PC, Zotac International. “We want the users to truly immerse in virtual reality and free their mind from limitations such as cables, power, and discomfort.”

According to Zotac, the VR GO’s hardware and thermal design allow for extended sessions, with minimal noise. The backpack can be secured with both chest and waist straps as well, so users can move freely without feat of the backpack jostling loose or sliding around. The VR GO also offers up to 2-hours of gaming uptime thanks to dual dedicated batteries. And because the batteries can be hot-swapped, even longer sessions are possible.

Zotac has a relatively long history of producing bleeding edge, small form factor systems. The VR GO extends the company’s portfolio of mini-PCs with a more powerful addition, that doesn’t require constant tethering to an electrical outlet. Pricing and availability weren’t available just yet.

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