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Why "Dishonored 2" Is Home To My Favorite Universe

We saw a lot of great video games in 2016. For me, Dishonored 2 really reminded me about how much I love the universe Arkane Studios created. I think it’s so unique compared to many video games, that I just find myself drawn to it more than any other franchise right now. It has all those elements I enjoy when it comes to assassination, mystery, and magic. There’s just something about how they portray it in the graphics, art direction, characters and story. I would want to live in the Dishonored universe, but it is a place I like to spend a lot of time. It’s a video game that really sucks me in.

Dishonored 2 is obviously competing with itself here. There’s not a lot of video games like it in terms of gameplay, let alone artistic style. That puts them in a difficult position where they must expand the universe more an more without losing what made the original game so great. I would really like to see more video games try for worlds that are that unique and that are so much riskier. There’s also just strangely not a lot of games that are that dark and so creepy. It’s a very alternate 18th century London Cthulhu fantasy/sci–fi universe. It’s a uniqueness that I would like to see a lot of video games try to emulate, not in that style, but in the boldness of trying to carve out there own space. I think Dishonored 2, no matter how you felt about the game, is just more of that, it is a brave world unlike anything else out there right now.

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