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The 10 Countries That Attract The Most (And The Fewest) International Job Seekers

When it comes to job seekers looking for work in countries outside of their own, certain nations attract more attention than others.

Thanks to a recent report from, a massive online job search platform that attracts more than 200 million unique visitors a month, we have a snapshot of which countries draw outside job seekers and which do not. For the list of the ten nations most attractive to international job seekers – and the 10 least attractive – check out our slideshow below.

The list of countries most popular among those looking for work across their borders is heaviest in the top positions. The top three nations attract a decent amount more than those below.

Among the top three is Canada. According to’s numbers, 9.52% of all jobs searches conducted across borders are for positions being advertised in Canada. Not a bad endorsement for the North American nation, which claimed third place on the list.

In second place, with 12.67% of all international job search interest, was the United Kingdom. And in first place, with a chart-topping 29.6% of all searches, was the United States. In fourth place, illustrating the drop-off, was Switzerland, with 4.49%.

Lower down the list of the 49 nations tracked for this particular metric, with scant interest from job seekers, was Greece, which attracts 0.11% of cross-border job seekers. Israel was deemed even less attractive, with 0.05% of searches and, at the very bottom of the roster, Venezuela, with 0.04%.

It’s important to remember that searching for work doesn’t necessarily indicate an user is hell-bent on a job in a given nation. “Not every cross-border job search leads to a move, but all of it is an expression of interest or intent,” said Jed Kolko, chief economist for job site Indeed and head of its Hiring Lab research arm, as part of the information’s release. also tracked which countries’ job seekers looked beyond their own borders for work. In doing so the company discovered that Japan was the most insular of all countries, as only 1% of the job searches conducted by people there were focused on jobs outside of their home country.

The United States proved the second most insular, with only 1.37% of searches aimed beyond its borders. The Russian Federation was close behind, with 1.38%.

The countries with the highest percentages of job hunters looking outside their home countries for work were Qatar (45.31%), followed by Saudi Arabia (45.67%) and Oman (61.97%).

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