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Liveblogging The PlayStation Experience (PSX) 2016 Keynote

Today is the kick-off for Sony’s now-annual PlayStation Experience show, or "PSX," as the cool kids are calling it. It’s been around the last few years now, and serves a dual purpose for Sony. It's a big hype event right before the holiday gift-giving season, but also laying out the roadmap for the year ahead. The idea is if people are shown what’s coming down the pipeline for PS4 or PSVR, that they’ll be more comfortable buying one for Christmas.

With that said, this might be a bit of an odd year for the show, and I don’t really know what to expect, as I’ve avoided most rumors surrounding the keynote, which kicks things off this morning. PSVR and PS4 Pro have just come out, so it’s unlikely we’ll really hear anything about new hardware. Remember, we already had a different PlayStation event to debut the Pro in September, plus E3 just a few months before that. As such, I'm not sure how much enormous news will be here.

I expect we’ll see some footage from God of War and Horizon: Zero Dawn, PlayStation’s two biggest 2017 titles, and I know some third party games like Destiny will have some stuff to show off as well (though I’m not holding my breath for a Destiny 2 reveal).

I will be liveblogging the entire event right here, which starts at 1 EST, 10 PST, and I’m not quite sure how long it will run. Last year’s was two hours, I believe? Anyway, watch the livestream here and follow along with my liveblog by refreshing constantly so the newest updates are on top. I’ll start things up shortly before the show begins. Stay tuned!

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