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Feast Your Eyes On The First Footage From The Second Season Of 'Attack On Titan'

Funimation and Kodansha have released some new footage of the upcoming second season of Attack on Titan and it looks amazing.

Based on the hugely successful manga of the same name, this new season for the anime series is going to be a big event in both Japan and abroad.

This footage also gives us a glimpse of the new Beast Titan that will be present in the second season, which had been previously shown in the manga.

It is clear that this upcoming season will be an epic one, as some major narrative revelations are on the way. After all, one of the biggest mysteries in the series is where the Titans really come from and it looks like this new season will hopefully touch on that.

If you can’t wait for this new season of the anime then you should check out the Attack on Titan game released on PS4, PS3, Vita, PC and Xbox One.

Developed by Omega Force, the studio behind the Dynasty Warriors games, the game manages to do a competent job of recreating the use of Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear from the manga and anime. That alone is an impressive feat and one that makes the game stand out I think.

While there are a few camera issues in enclosed spaces, it is still very playable throughout. I reviewed the game when it originally came out in Japan earlier in the year and can recommend it if you are a fan of the series.

The second season for the Attack on Titan anime will premiere in Japan in April next year. While there are no details at present on its global release, it’s clearly inevitable the new season will come Westward at some point.

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