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'Zelda: Breath Of The Wild' Shows Off A New Guardian And It Might Be Coming Out In March After All

The beam spewing Guardians from Zelda: Breath of The Wild have previously only come in one variety but it seems that there could be more types in the game. In addition, according to a UK retailer the game might be coming out in March after all.

Previously Nintendo has stated that Breath of the Wild won’t be coming out for the launch of the Nintendo Switch, with the likes of Target listing the game for a June release.

However, GameStop was shown materials that indicated the game would be out before April. Well, we now have another retailer chiming in from the UK and listing a March release for the new Zelda game.

While Nintendo has said otherwise, it would make a great deal more sense to release Breath of the Wild for the launch of the Nintendo Switch. The console will need a strong launch line-up of games and a mainline Zelda game would be perfect for that.

As for the Guardians, we already had a precedent for varied Guardians in Skyward Sword but those were thematically somewhat different from the more robotic looking ones we now have in Breath of the Wild.

This new Guardian though (shown above) seems to be more close combat focused as it appears to brandishing some kind of sword, as well as a different type of ‘head’.

Considering how hotly anticipated Breath of the Wild is, I am happy to see more of the game being shown but this confusion over the release date isn’t really helping anyone. Normally, I’d say that Nintendo would be the one to trust in this instance. However, after the confusing reports over the Wii U’s end of production and now multiple retailers listing differing release dates, I’m more inclined to think the game will be out this Spring.

Again, this information blackout on the Nintendo Switch is not really helping matters and while we have what seems to be a comprehensive reveal of the console this coming January, all this hearsay is confusing an already ambitious console launch.

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