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The New 'Mega Man' Mobile Games Are Actually Quite Awful

The first six Mega Man games were released yesterday on smartphones, I had hoped they would bolster the series somewhat. Unfortunately, it turns out that they are rather terrible.

Instead of being straight up ports of the NES originals, they are in fact already adapted versions, which have a rather terrible framerate (something you can see on the promotional video below).

To make matters far worse, the input lag is so severe it makes the games practically unplayable. Normally, this is an issue on mobile games that use a touchscreen interface but it is far more of an issue here.

The real kicker, for me anyway, is that I can’t use a Bluetooth pad with the games. Normally, my 8Bitdo pads work fine on games like this but not here sadly.

Considering that smartphones suffer from an inherent input lag flaw compared to regular gamepads, the Bluetooth pad option helps to circumvent this. The absence of it here then is rather infuriating.

In addition to my findings, it seems that other gamers are similarly unimpressed, citing the awful framerate and controls as obvious issues.

I have reached out to Capcom Mobile about all this and I am waiting to hear back from them.

In the meantime, pick up the Mega Man Legacy Collection instead. It’s on pretty much every platform out there but I can personally recommend the 3DS version, especially if you are looking for a portable option with good controls.

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