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The Famicom Mini Contains A Lovely Hidden Message From Someone Called The 'Hanafuda Captain'

The Japanese version of the NES Classic Edition, known as the Famicom Mini, contains a lovely hidden message from someone called the "Hanafuda Captain".

Tucked away within the emulator of the Famicom Mini is a message that resourceful fans have managed to unearth. It reads as follows:

In case you are not aware, hanafuda is a traditional Japanese card game. It is also how Nintendo started out as a company back in 1889, as they primarily made hanafuda card sets.

Something the company continues to do to this day, as it still makes hanafuda cards in case you want to pick a set up. So this little reference to the Hanafuda Captain harks back to the origins of Nintendo itself.

Like the NES Classic Edition, the Famicom Mini has been hugely successful in Japan but it differs in quite a few interesting ways. I managed to pick one up at the end of last year and reviewed it accordingly.

While consoles like the Retro Freak are more practical in terms of retro gaming, especially if you already have a large selection of classic cartridges sitting around, the Famicom Mini is still pretty cool nonetheless.

Now that the Hanafuda Captain has been revealed I wonder if Nintendo will reveal a more official version of the character anytime soon. I mean, having it playable in something like Super Smash Bros. would be rather fantastic really.

Anyway, if you are at all inclined to pick up a Famicom Mini then you can now easily import one from places like Play-Asia.

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