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NVIDIA Doubles Down At CES 2017 On Automotive And Cloud Gaming, Adds Smart Home

At this year’s CES 2017, NVIDIA’s CEO Jen-Hsun Huang presented in the CES opening keynote his vision for the company’s future to the audience, explaining where he believes the company will succeed in the future.  I also liked that Huang simplified AI and graphics so more could understand it.

Of the areas where NVIDIA participates in right now, two areas of growth for the company are gaming and automotive, both of which are growing and getting quite competitive. While NVIDIA is still a relatively new entrant into the automotive business, the company has proven that they can keep up with the legacy suppliers and surpass them by delivering innovative automotive solutions. NVIDIA’s leadership in technologies like DNN AI training have proven to be a valuable resource for the company and their partners who are looking to apply machine learning to their own products.

When it comes to self-driving cars, NVIDIA has been partnering with some of the leading automotive manufacturers in the world, like first-mover Tesla. One of NVIDIA’s closest partners is Audi, whom they’ve been working with for quite some time and are now co-developing new technologies with. Specifically, this development of new automotive technology is something NVIDIA believes is important to enable self-driving cars. NVIDIA has the expertise in machine learning and artificial intelligence and Audi has the expertise in cars and automotive technology and what’s necessary for a self-driving car.

NVIDIA and Audi have announced at CES that they expect to deliver a self-driving AI car by 2020 which will be built on the partnership between the new companies. No more details other than “AI car” were presented and I look forward to details on which level of autonomy or co-pilot (see below) is supported in 2020. One of the ways this is possible in this timeframe is because NVIDIA already has a prototype vehicle codenamed BB8 which allows NVIDIA to test their new capabilities and prove them for commercial uses.  In fact, at this year’s CES NVIDIA was offering demo rides in BB8.

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