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Let's Dissect The Latest Highly Improbable 'Destiny 2' 'Leak'

An anonymous poster was trying to stir up some controversy yesterday on the Destiny subreddit by publishing some “inside info” about Destiny according to someone they know who works at Bungie. I’m not going to even say “take this with a grain of salt,” instead, I’ll just say outright that I put pretty much zero stock in anything said here as there isn’t any sort of verification whatsoever. I like my Destiny leaks from Jason Schreier only, thank you very much.

With that said, this situation reminds me of another Destiny 2 “leak” that was being peddled around last year, which came out before The Taken King and claimed to know many things about the future of the series and specifically Destiny 2 itself. I had fun breaking that down (though a few tidbits did turn out to be accurate) and I wanted to try the same thing today.

Rather than pretending that this is legit information, I’d rather just use it as a jumping off point for discussion. Does something sound plausible? Would it be good or bad for the game? And so on. So let’s begin, Mr. My Uncle Works at Bungie.

“They are not completely rebooting our characters - - My source described it as a "clean slate", but not a full wipe. Apparently our "Guardian" will still retain their memories, accomplishments, etc up to this point, but we will NOT have any carry over gear/weapons/items.”

Well hey, this is actually a point I can get behind. There’s been a long-running debate among the community about whether Destiny 2 should be a fresh start for players or not, and I’ve always been firmly in the camp that yes, it should. The sort of compromise described here is exactly what I think the new game should be like. You are keeping your same Guardian, yes, and the game doesn’t forget what you’ve accomplished in the previous game, but you don’t actually carry over any gear. That’s exactly what I’m hoping for, and I’m glad to see this totally legit leaker and I are on the same page.

“There will be 3 new subclasses from the jump. The existing classes will be fully reworked, including new abilities/perks/visual effects.”

I don’t really even understand what this is saying. There will be three new subclasses in addition to the three current subclasses, or the three new subclasses are the current ones, just reworked? I think it would be pretty lame if Destiny 2 kept the exact same subclasses we have now, and simply gave them some sort of refresh. For a full sequel, I’m hoping for three new classes period with three new subclasses each, and a simple rework would feel really low-effort to me.

“The game may face a delay into Q1 2018. My source didn't get too specific, but hinted that they are having issues with the new engine they are using, and possibly some hang-ups regarding narration/staff.”

This is just extrapolation based on everyone already predicting that Destiny 2 will probably be delayed, and past issues with “narration/staff” which caused problems previously. It’s one of the “leaks” that is probably just a well-educated guess. With that said, I’m almost positive that Destiny 2 will indeed be delayed out of 2017. Bungie has been consistent in one thing with Destiny over the last few years, and that’s how they’ve delayed and stretched out their original schedule at every turn. So if the first firm date we’ve gotten for Destiny 2 is fall 2017, then I’m almost positive it will be delayed past that.

“It WILL be 60fps. Cited technical limitations, not aesthetics as the reason for it being missing in Destiny 1.”

No way. Just…no way. Consoles are still a ways off from being able to run most games in 60 fps, especially one as complex as Destiny, which has more to do with the hardware than anything on Bungie’s end. I don’t believe this for a second.

“Powers of "The Darkness" will be introduced into game play. My source didn't elaborate on this.”

This could mean literally anything. If it’s Darkness-based subclasses that could be sort of cool, but I don’t really even know what that would be like. Destiny is so vague about what the Darkness is, it’s hard to know what to make of this, and it sounds made up.

“Raids will be bigger, longer, & much more interesting in terms of mechanics moving forward.”

Well, this is the exact opposite of Bungie’s recent raid philosophy making raids shorter and less mechanically difficult, so I really doubt they’re going to take the ball and run the other direction after everyone really liked Wrath of the Machine.

“Ships will no longer be cosmetic only - No further details given.”

While I doubt Destiny will be turning into Elite Dangerous any time soon, I would love the ability to actually pilot ships in some capacity and have them used for more than loading screen decoration. This is something I’ve been saying since the alpha, but I still have my doubts that Bungie cares much about increased vehicle relevance in Destiny, as they’ve shown no signs of that so far outside of Sparrow racing.

“They are implementing some kind of "transmogrification" feature.”

This has been a long time coming. If you get a piece of armor, you should be able to use that skin for any other gear in that slot, Diablo-style. Though I can see Bungie turning this into a microtransaction. Like transmorg-ing costs Silver Dust or something. Blegh.

“Will come to PC”

This one I buy. I really think Bungie wants Destiny on PC, but they’ve been holding back for security reasons. I think it is coming, however, and a sequel would be the perfect jumping off point.

I mean yeah, I doubt the UI is going to look identical. And I would kill to be able to re-customize my hero and have more options to do so. Perhaps that’s wishful thinking, as players have wanted this features for ages.

“Eververse will not be as prominent as it is now.”

But seriously, I don’t think Bungie is going to get tired of printing money any time soon, so Eververse will be sticking around for a long time to come. I’m willing to bet they’ve made more money from event microtransactions than they have from many of the DLCs.

“Xur will play a new role in the overarching story. The Speaker will be central to the main storyline.”

I mean, sure. We have to figure out who the Nine are someday right? And yes, the game should probably take the Speaker out of cold storage at this point.

“New non-Guardian Races will be introduced.”

This is almost a must because if Destiny 2 is just killing the same four races over and over again that we’ve fought the last few years that would be pretty mind-numbing.

So again, I don’t think this is a real leak, at all, as most of it is either wishful thinking or logical guesses based on existing information or likely scenarios. With that said, there’s a lot here I would like to see implemented in the game, so I’m hoping at least some of this “leaker’s” dreams do come true.

But we’ll wait for Bungie, or more likely Jason Schreier, to fill us in on what’s actually coming to Destiny 2, though I’ll be amazed if we hear anything concrete before summer.

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