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Hackers Have Found A Way To Add More Games To The NES Classic Edition

Some hackers have found a way to fix one of the biggest issues with the NES Classic Edition by allowing users to add more games to the system.

The process requires a PC and that Super Mario Bros. has at least one save state present. The rest is at your own risk, as you can potentially brick the micro console of you are not careful. However, if successful you can install all manner of new games on the system.

Currently, there seems to be a 90 game limit (shown below) but that is still an awful lot better than the previous maximum of 30 games the system came bundled with.

Personally, I really think Nintendo missed a massive opportunity with the NES Classic Edition. If it had at least some kind of online shop functionality and a bit more internal storage, the NES Classic Edition could have been a fantastic money spinner.

This is not to say the NES Classic Edition has been successful, as it clear it has done very well indeed. However, the fact that hackers felt the need to add more games to the system means that Nintendo could have offered similar functionality and charged accordingly.

After all, you have the Virtual Console on things like the 3DS and Wii U already, so why not a dedicated piece of hardware that only caters to classic NES games with you able to choose what you want.

One point that is worth noting is that having the NES Classic Edition as barebones as it is did keep the cost down. However, I cannot imagine some kind of online functionality would have increased the price all that much and it’s clear there is a demand for these kind of micro consoles.

Anyway, if you want to add more games to your NES Classic Edition then you can now do so. However, be warned as it could ruin the system. Considering how rare these micro consoles are, you would be best advised to consider that before proceeding.

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