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The Cancellation Of 'Scalebound' Is A Crushing Disappointment

The news is painful: Platinum Games' incredible-looking action game Scalebound has been cancelled by publisher Microsoft.

This was a title being created by one of the premiere action-game developers in the world. This was a game about dragons. It looked awesome and now it's gone. Dust. Detritus.

And now one of Microsoft's coolest looking upcoming exclusives is no more, leaving the Xbox One platform as barren as it's ever been.

Scalebound isn't the first exciting Microsoft exclusive to face the executioner's block in recent years.

Back in 2012, Microsoft cancelled Obsidian's in-development game Stormlands, an RPG intended for the as-yet-unannounced Xbox One. That game later turned into Tyranny. Obsidian was forced to lay-off 30 people after the game's cancellation.

In 2015, the Xbox One reboot of Phantom Dust was also cancelled when funds dried up and Microsoft refused to pump any more money into the game. Developer Darkside laid off its entire staff after the game's cancellation. (The original Phantom Dust is now being released by Microsoft as an HD remaster.)

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