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Knights, Vikings And Samurai Do Battle In The 'For Honor' Beta This Month

For Honor comes out this Valentine's Day, but not before a closed beta drops later this month.

On January 26th, gamers can take a crack at the game of dueling knights, vikings and samurai.

I played the game's alpha and enjoyed it, but was left with some nagging doubts. Why aren't teams limited to origin, for instance? Shouldn't knights be all on one team, samurai all on another, and vikings all on another? Mixing up the different teams seems to cheapen the experience. I'm also a little concerned by game balance, though I'm hopeful the intervening months have resulted in a more solid experience overall.

The beta should reveal how the game has changed and evolved in any case. Again, as with so many last-minute betas, this strikes me as more of a demo or sales pitch than a beta in the traditional sense.

Here's the new cinematic trailer. It's quite good:

To sign up for the beta, go here. You'll also have the chance to win "exclusive rewards." Oh my!

For Honor comes out on February 14th for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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