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The New 'Horizon Zero Dawn' Trailer Will Make You A Believer

Horizon Zero Dawn, in spite of its weirdly generic and awkward name, continues to look utterly gorgeous, the type of game that ought to make anyone without a PS4 envious of the rest of us.

And I'm not saying that to make you feel bad, Xbox One owners. I'm saying it even though I still have some serious concerns about Horizon Zero Dawn, though some of those concerns have been assuaged by this excellent new trailer, which really thrusts us deeper into the game's story and robot-dinosaur infused world:

I'm reminded, just a little bit, of the CW's The 100 here, though not in a bad way. (I like that show!) Something about the post-apocalyptic setting with high technology and tribal cultures. It reminds me a bit of Ubisoft's Far Cry Primal as well, though this looks better than that game.

We finally get a glimpse at the bad guys, too. Masked men led by a megalomaniac who, we can only hope, will have more to him than pure wickedness. Every night I say a little prayer for less one-dimensional video game villains. Will my prayers ever be answered though? Are some of god's greatest gifts truly unanswered prayers?

In any case, this was a great trailer. This helped me feel better about the game. Either that's just great marketing or Horizon Zero Dawn, a video game with a name that's trying to be three separate things all at once, is shaping up to be a great new Sony exclusive.

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