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The Cancellation Of 'Scalebound' Is A Crushing Disappointment

Posted on 01/11 19:06 in Deals | 0

The news is painful: Platinum Games' incredible-looking action game Scalebound has been cancelled by publisher Microsoft.And now one of Microsoft's coolest looking upcoming exclusives is no more, leaving the Xbox One platform as barren as it's ever been.

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Could $250 Be Too Expensive For Nintendo Switch?

Posted on 01/11 18:54 in Deals | 0

We've seen the Switch, we know what the Switch is, but we've still got a lot of questions.Paul Tassi thinks that the price could be trouble for a simple reason: it's not enough, at least from Nintendo's perspective.

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Hey Deshaun Watson: The Honeymoon Is (Almost) Over

Posted on 01/11 18:32 in Deals | 0

The honeymoon is about to be over for Deshaun Watson.The Cleveland Browns.

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'Rocket League' Just Passed 25 Million Players

Posted on 01/11 18:27 in Deals | 0

The car-meets-soccer indie game Rocket League has surpassed 25 million players according to developer, Psyonix.1 billion games of Rocket League have been played since its launch.

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'PJ Masks' Tech Toys Add Lights, Sound And Articulation

Posted on 01/11 17:21 in Deals | 0

Growing from strength to strength and approaching its second season, PJ Masks is fast becoming the talk of the playground.The show that airs on Disney Junior revolves around three children heroes who gain special power when they put on their pyjama super-hero outfits.

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'Pokémon Sun and Moon' Players Can't Stop Failing The Game's Global Missions

Posted on 01/11 16:57 in Deals | 0

Something sad but also kind of hilarious keeps happening with Pokémon Sun and Moon, as players try, and repeatedly fail to hit global goals set for them in the game by the developer.The challenges are called “Global Missions” where players are given a specific task to complete collectively in the game, and so far, Sun and Moon players are 0 for 2.

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Five Red Flags Nintendo Needs To Address About The Switch

Posted on 01/11 16:04 in Deals | 0

Throughout the reveal so far, there have been a few worrisome aspects of the Switch that I’d like to see Nintendo address starting tomorrow.Pretty much everyone agrees that the core functionality of the Switch, the ability to take console games on the go, is very cool.

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Facebook Challenges $2 Billion Lawsuit Alleging Oculus Stole Key Technology

Posted on 01/10 21:46 in Deals | 0

Monday marked the start of a $2 billion Dallas trial that emerged from a lawsuit by video game startup ZeniMax, alleging that -owned Oculus VR stole some of its key technology and promoted a fake origin story to hide the truth.The story notes that Oculus denied claims by ZeniMax alleging that Carmack brought over proprietary information.

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'The Walking Dead' Gets New Images Teasing The Second Half Of Season 7

Posted on 01/10 21:44 in Deals | 0

AMC has released three new images for the second half of The Walking Dead's seventh season, as well as an official synopsis.We've thankfully left the Rick from season 7A behind; Rick of season 7B appears to be up for a fight.

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'Nier: Automata' Is One Video Game You Won't Want To Miss In 2017

Posted on 01/10 21:22 in Deals | 0

I played the Nier: Automata demo the other day and was immediately smitten.(It's one of those demos you really need to play twice.

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DeShaun Watson 'Madden 17': Predicting QB Ratings After National Championship Performance

Posted on 01/10 21:22 in Deals | 0

They stopped the roll of the Alabama Crimson Tide to win college football's national championship.We know Watson is entering the 2017 NFL Draft, but what can we expect to see with his first Madden ratings?

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'Pokémon Go' Isn't Coming To China Any Time Soon

Posted on 01/10 20:47 in Deals | 0

The augmented-reality location-based mobile game is a hit the world over, but Chinese gamers will have to make do with knock-offs like City Elves Go.Reuters reports that the state censor won't allow the game to launch in China pending an evaluation of potential security and safety risks.

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'Madden 17' DeShaun Watson: Predicting QB Ratings After National Championship Performance

Posted on 01/10 19:36 in Deals | 0

We know Watson is entering the 2017 NFL Draft, but what can we expect to see with his first Madden ratings?For the season, Watson threw for 4,593 yards, 41 touchdowns, and 17 interceptions.

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A Very Resourceful Fan Has Managed To Fit A Famicom Mini Into A Game Boy

Posted on 01/10 19:30 in Deals | 0

The Famicom Mini, or Japan’s equivalent of the NES Classic Edition, has been fitted into the innards of Game Boy and the results are rather fantastic.Courtesy of the very resourceful Kei Studio, who has previously made a portable version of the PS2, we now have a portable version of the Famicom Mini contained within the shell of a Game Boy and called the Famicom Pocket.

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Microsoft's Exclusive Xbox IP Stable Is In Rough Shape, And Has Been For Years

Posted on 01/10 19:07 in Deals | 0

This has been many years in the making, but lately, it seems like Microsoft’s inability to get a handle on its stable of exclusive games is reaching a fever pitch.I am simply struck by how weak Microsoft’s Xbox exclusive roster has been not just lately, but for years now, and things only appear to be getting worse in time.

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The CEO Of Nvidia Thinks That The Nintendo Switch Is 'Really Delightful'

Posted on 01/10 19:02 in Deals | 0

In a new interview with Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, he talks about the Nintendo Switch and thinks that the console is “really delightful”.Over at Venture Beat, they managed to talk with Nvidia’s CEO about AI and all manner of other subjects.

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The Xbox One Exclusive 'Scalebound' Has Been Cancelled

Posted on 01/10 18:31 in Deals | 0

After all, the Xbox One is badly in need of new and varied games in its library.That said, from the footage that was released in August of 2015 the game did appear to have rather generic combat.

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How Past Presidents Failed To Save The Industrial Midwest

Posted on 01/10 18:27 in Deals | 0

First President-Elect Donald Trump appeared to have bullied Carrier air conditioning company to keep hundreds of jobs in Indiana that otherwise would have been moved to Mexico.Now he's had similar success with Ford.

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Hackers Have Found A Way To Add More Games To The NES Classic Edition

Posted on 01/10 18:01 in Deals | 0

Some hackers have found a way to fix one of the biggest issues with the NES Classic Edition by allowing users to add more games to the system.Personally, I really think Nintendo missed a massive opportunity with the NES Classic Edition.

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Let's Dissect The Latest Highly Improbable 'Destiny 2' 'Leak'

Posted on 01/10 17:45 in Deals | 0

With that said, this situation reminds me of another Destiny 2 “leak” that was being peddled around last year, which came out before The Taken King and claimed to know many things about the future of the series and specifically Destiny 2 itself.The sort of compromise described here is exactly what I think the new game should be like.

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