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'Pokémon GO' Is Considering Move Set Rerolls After Community Feedback

Posted on 05/19 16:24 in Deals | 0

We are one day into Pokémon GO’s big Adventure Week event where valuable rock types abound and your buddy Pokémon is positively gobbling up candy with dramatically reduced distance in play.That would be the ability to re-roll the move set of your Pokémon in some form or another.

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Here Are 67 Gorgeous Screenshots Of 'Destiny 2' Straight From Bungie

Posted on 05/19 14:51 in Deals | 0

Yesterday, Bungie debuted Destiny 2 gameplay for the first time in a huge scale event that had about 430,000 viewers on Twitch at its peak.So far, everyone seems pretty damn hyped about the reveal and what they’ve seen/played, and this new batch of screenshots from Bungie may make converts out of the rest of you.

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Bungie Is Giving Players Almost Everything They Asked For In 'Destiny 2'

Posted on 05/18 21:59 in Deals | 0

It appears, at first blush, that they've done this quite well.I'm pretty rusty, though, as I've been so busy this year playing so many other games.

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Immigration In Esports: Do Gamers Count As Athletes?

Posted on 05/18 21:49 in Deals | 0

In 2017, major esports competitions have been scheduled across North America, Europe, South Korea, and China, to name a few, making esports truly international.While there is no doubt that the popularity of esports is surging, whether or not esports professionals are appropriately considered “athletes” is hotly debated.

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Let's Cast Netflix's Just-Announced 'The Witcher' TV Show

Posted on 05/18 20:02 in Deals | 0

Yesterday, news broke that Netflix was going to produce and air a TV series based on The Witcher.While that's fun, I also think it's good to be a tad more realistic.

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'Neon Genesis Evangelion' Gets The Full Virtual Reality Treatment In Japan This Summer

Posted on 05/18 18:00 in Deals | 0

As part of Bandai Namco’s ongoing virtual reality initiative, Neon Genesis Evangelion will be getting a new virtual reality game this summer in Japan.This new virtual reality or VR game will be playable at Bandai Namco’s upcoming event space in Kabukicho, Shinjuku this summer.

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Japanese Finally Comes To Duolingo

Posted on 05/18 17:00 in Deals | 0

A month in advance of today’s Japanese on Duolingo course launch, the language-training company posted a teaser on Facebook.” Today marks Duolingo Japanese’s availability on iOS and the web (with an Android app to come shortly).

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Why Pokemon GO's Adventure Week Is The Game's Most Valuable Event Yet

Posted on 05/18 16:45 in Deals | 0

Today marks the kick-off of Pokémon GO’s “Adventure Week,” a rock type-based event that isn’t centered around any particular holiday, but fulfils Pokémon GO’s quota of at least one major event per month in order to engage players and drive revenue.I genuinely believe what I say in my title, that you shouldn’t skip this event if you still care even a little bit about Pokémon GO because this may literally be the most valuable event the game has produced yet.

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Watch The 'Destiny 2' Gameplay Reveal Livestream Right Here

Posted on 05/18 14:00 in Deals | 0

Today, Bungie and Activision will reveal the first gameplay footage for Destiny 2, one of 2017's most hotly anticipated video games.I'll be in attendance for the keynote and will get my hands on the game afterwards so I can report back to you with my gameplay impressions.

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I Just Can't Get Excited About 'The Witcher' As A Live-Action Netflix Series

Posted on 05/18 13:01 in Deals | 0

News broke today that The Witcher series is being adapted into a Netflix original series.Note: I've reached out to CD Projekt RED about 'The Witcher' trademark.

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'Injustice 2' Puts The Rest Of The DC Universe To Shame

Posted on 05/18 12:30 in Deals | 0

Injustice 2 has a really good single-player campaign.It is, in many ways, exactly what I want out of the DC Universe but rarely do.

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Charles Barkley Thanks God For The NHL Playoff - ESPN Couldn't Care Less

Posted on 05/18 12:03 in Deals | 0

And Derek Jeter, whose number was retired by the Yankees earlier this week, is beloved by fans nationwide.But if I were a hockey fan, I would seriously be starting to question if anyone even cares about covering the NHL anymore.

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An Interview With AMD: The Latest On Ryzen Memory Support, Game Performance And Ryzen 3's Launch

Posted on 05/18 12:03 in Deals | 0

We've been treated to a fascinating couple of months since the launch of AMD's Ryzen desktop processors, that drew huge amounts of interest at the start of the year.In short, they're competitive and in many situations are faster or better value (or both) compared to similar CPUs from established player, Intel.

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'Skylanders Imaginators' Wave 5: Tidepool and Blaster-Tron Impressions

Posted on 05/18 08:21 in Deals | 0

The end result turned out to be a ton of fun, and I've been along for the ride ever since.Five games later and we're nearing the end of Skylanders Imaginators' toy release run, something of a bittersweet notion given the franchises' uncertain future.

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Watch The 'ARMS' Nintendo Direct Livestream Right Here

Posted on 05/17 23:49 in Deals | 0

You can watch the ARMS-specific Nintendo Direct below.very much like a Nintendo game.

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'MLB The Show 17' Franchise Mode Guide: 5 Tips To Help You Get The Most From Your Experience

Posted on 05/17 22:52 in Deals | 0

Aside from the server issues that hampered fans' experience during the first month of MLB The Show 17's release, but have since been resolved and comped, the game is one of the true highlights of the first half of the year's releases.While all of the other modes in the game have been improved over the years, franchise mode remains the crown jewel of the series.

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'Pro Evolution Soccer 2018' Release Date, Pre-Order Details And New Features Announced

Posted on 05/17 21:32 in Deals | 0

The licensing problem doesn't figure to improve drastically, but it does appear that many of PES' modes will be more fleshed out.Per the press release, PES 2018 has more new additions than any title in the series over the past 10 years.

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All These Ridiculous Plot Holes Are Ruining The Flash's Best Moments

Posted on 05/17 20:49 in Deals | 0

Unfortunately, the lead-up to this death has been pocked and marred by such a multitude of plot holes it's become harder than ever to suspend disbelief.Super powers can be used to simply wave away plot holes.

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The Cult Classic 'Phantom Dust' Is Now Playable For Free On Xbox One And PC

Posted on 05/17 19:00 in Deals | 0

The Xbox cult hit Phantom Dust has been remade for modern consoles and is now available to play for free on both Xbox One and PC.This remake of Phantom Dust updates the visual assets so that they can be displayed at higher resolutions, with the Xbox One outputting at 1080p and the PC version at 4K.

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'Sonic Forces' Goes Full Coldsteel In Latest Trailer

Posted on 05/17 18:32 in Deals | 0

In a surreal turn of events, Sonic Forces has inadvertently managed to channel on old Sonic meme by allowing players to customize their own character in the game.So having a character customization option in Sonic Forces now gives fans a chance to recreate the purple monstrosity as they see fit.

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