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Disney Crossy Road Special Character Differences Guide

Disney Crossy Road has numerous special characters that change the world around you. Here is a guide to a few of those.

It all started with a simple chicken trying to cross the road, dodge traffic, and ride on lily-pads across bodies of water in an effort to get to the other side. That was in Crossy Road, the original mobile title that took the world by storm on Android and iOS.

Now, Disney has entered into the fray with Disney Crossy Road, which features some of the very best, and most favored, characters from the entire Disney roster.

Some of these characters manage to change the entire world around you, with others offering little tidbits of change. So this guide will tell you exactly what differences characters make in Disney Crossy Road.

Upon unlocking new characters, the player will be greeted with brand new game worlds to enjoy, all of which change things drastically. 

There are currently 100s of characters to collect within the game. You're sure to find one that suits your style in a Disney world you've come to know and love over the years.

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