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Stop That tank! New Mod Suggestion

A wonderfully fun mod that has been in development for 2 years and private for public to download has now been released to the public as of August 13. is a mod that replaces the with the robot skins and the Payload Bomb becomes the Tank. The

team still has its original skin and still has to stop the enemy from taking the bomb to the final checkpoint. The added bonuses for the

team is that one players are randomly chosen to be either a sentry buster or a robot boss. (the Giant Robot Boss can only happen once per round after the tank is destroyed.) For the

team when you pick up the cash from the tank it gives you full

for your weapons to use. This mod can be added in the future to a (G-S.N) server if enough people are interested to check it out and play for the first time if they haven't. The rank system from the other servers will also most likely be included and maybe some plugins if wanted or needed will be added in the future. Gameplay Of the Mod From YOGSCAST Nilesy: Link to the Steam Community Of The Mod: They have link to their original STT servers on their Steam group.

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