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Would anyone be interesting in me making a Saxton Hale guide on how to not suck/suggestions?

, we all we when first play Saxton Hale. Many of us were scared shitless of Saxton Hale and made a whimpering effort to hide from Hale and prefer using a scout to flight rather than . We all have had to learn how to improve as players mostly via trail and error and being a copy cat to the top "fragger". I was ranked #1 on this server and a barely understood how to right click/ run into a super jump as hale. and I didn't know some supposedly obvious thing about this game-mode because I was never told or explained any different. I've spent hours on servers explaining something so simple as a right click jump/ uber jump and it just blows peoples minds and they tell me they have played this game for ages and had how to do it, let alone how to use it properly/when to use it. I've written some things in the G-S.N wiki in the past to at least try to explain some things hales can do and have constantly looked up any info about the little details of the mod to write about to literally almost no vial and this was years ago and still I see no added info anywhere in a proper advance- intermediate guide or similar tutorials. Their is a of how to you should go about playing this game and how not to suck and if you recommend me writing up a guide on Saxton Hale as a whole game-mod, as being the boss, as fighting the boss, good character load-outs and strats for said characters. on what angle I should partake in this guide/ writeup and

tell me what your interesting to learn/read about?

? Explain differences in common Saxton Hale servers with characters/ gameplay? I have a decent resume of having over 44 days playing vsh on G-S.N in total game-time(1000+), have lost 6 total times as hale in in estimated 1200 tries (know I'm going to regret mentioning this), and in general kicked some half-naked men booty. Often played in other VSH servers and have played 150 + hours in FF2 servers if needed advice elsewhere in the Juggernaut mod family. I also am bloody tryhard butthead so deal with it XD Hopefully you can be like this at the end of this journey if you guys/ Xmo really wanna see this:

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