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Dont Starve Together Twitter Chat Functions

The below are commands that can be used in twitter chat for enabled players. These can be used to kill or help the streamer depending on your wishes.

You can see the currently available commands at the top of the screen, there should be 6 options, with !command below each oen. An example is given below. As part of the game you have to vote for which one of the 6 gets chosen. By the icons there should be an icon


Makes you forget the map for a day.

Causes the player to become a giant and have increased walk speed. Can be used to help buff the player against formiddable foes.

Items fall from your hand and inventory for a short time.


Plunges the day to night for one day.


Instantly activates a winter like period. Can be used effectively when player is far away from base and doesn't have needed supplies for winter. This happens for a single day.


Changes the season to mid Autum for a single day.


Changes the season to mid Spring and instantly starts to rain for a single day.


Freezes the player, upon being sturck or a few seconds passing they unfreeze.

Causes frogs to rain from the sky, which attack players. On attack frogs pull items that are in the inventory of the player off. Frogs are slower then the player, but when the player is busy trying to kite other bigger opponents this can be very dangerous.


Causes a storm to start and frogs to rain from the heavens. These frogs do the same as !frograin, but in !frogstorm a storm starts with thunder and such. Can be used effectively when player is trying to kite.


Changes the season to mid Summer for a few days.


Lights the player on fire


If ghost, revives player and gives them goodies.

Possibly gives them something delicious.


Spawns Krampus.

Instantly diminishes the players sanity for a few seconds upon which nightmares attack the player until the player attacks the nightmares.


Gives the player some pig friends to fight at their side.


Food rots significantly, possible chance of things growing out rot.


Picks a choice at random, but won't use commands on cool down.

Shrinks the twitch player down in size and slows them down. Can have great consequences for when the player is being chased or in a hostile enviornment where agility is needed.


Reads random passage from

Wickerbottom's Prized Tomes of Knowledge


Summons spiders.

Teleports the twitch streamer to a random location on the map.


Sends a wave of angry bees at the player which will attack. Unless the player is AFK, the player can generally out run the bees. The bees disappear within 20s and 5 to 10 are spawned.

Spawns the hounds!

Spawns a Koalefant, or something far more sinister.

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