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The good, the bad and the ugly of the past week - 16 April 2016


I actually can’t believe it’s Friday already. Hell, I can’t believe we’re halfway through April! It feels like just yesterday I was making resolutions, promising myself that this year, no matter how mean Geoff was to me, I’d stand strong and tell him to GTFO.

So how’s that going? Ok I suppose. I mean, I’ve only been fired, what, like 3 times today? That’s an all time low!

Have you checked out local adventure game, Jengo? It’s still in development, but it’s looking rather good thus far! In somewhat related news, the first devblog episode from the developers, Robot Wizard, spawned the best memes EVER (this one, this one, and this one).

Got nothing to play this weekend? That can be fixed – there’s an open beta for both Battleborn and Doom taking place. Heck, maybe you’ll get lucky and score access to the Overwatch closed beta too.

Lastly, I subjected myself to Sophie’s Curse. How did it go? See for yourself…

Dying to get your paws on an Oculus Rift? You’ll have to wait I’m afraid – the device has been delayed. Oculus swear that they’re putting plans in place to cut down on those delays at least.

Legacy of Kain has, or rather, had a multiplayer spinoff. Nosgoth has been canned sadly, after spending about a year in early access.

Oh dear, it looks like characters are vanishing from The Division on the Xbox One. Thankfully, Ubisoft have pinpointed the issue, and are working on a fix. Some people still threw a bunch of hours into the game for no reason though I’m sure, which is just all around sucky.

Got a soft spot for the Nintendo Zapper? Well then you’re going to love this Glock. It was modded to resemble the old school accessory, and it certainly looks the part.

Australia’s Great Battier Reef has degraded over the years, thanks to natural and man-made disasters. As a result, Riot initiated the Nautilus reef project. They’ve now placed a statue of the champion on the ocean floor. Why? Because REASONS!

Finally, you can tweak your nuts in the latest America and European Truck Simulator patch. Wait, what?

I don’t even bother checking anymore. I just know!


No explanation needed (I hope). I saw this on Zoe’s Wednesday ION, and giggled for hours.

Characters are disappearing in The Division? Grab your pitchforks! That article garnered a very respectable 114 comments.

If you’ve been paying attention, then you’d know we took a certain somebody and turned them into a rather excellent meme (I take full credit for that, thank you very much). Some people however, went over and above, and put together these gems…

Omglol… best!!! I know these aren’t from the site, but I could not ignore them!

Here’s the plot of Metal Gear Solid (kinda) explained in like 4 minutes…

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