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Sold out Final Fantasy 15 Ultimate Collector's Edition is going for £500 on eBay - Final Fantasy XV for PS4 News

A limited run of 30,000 Final Fantasy 15 Ultimate Collector's Editions has sold out leading to the set being sold for as much as £500 on eBay, with many others going for upwards of £400.

The Ultimate Collector's Edition contains a range of content, notably a soundtrack Blu-ray, 192-page hardback artbook, Brotherhood anime and an exclusive 26cm Play Arts Kai Noctis figure. Square Enix was asking £189.99 for the bumper edition.

With all units from the Square Enix Store now gone, those wishing to obtain one will need to pay a huge premium on eBay. One seller accepted an offer of £500, with another shifting multiple copies for £450.

Scalpers often cash in on limited run sets, knowing demand will be high. Whilst fans may be angry at those profiting, there appears to be little publisher Square Enix can do to prevent such actions, especially if orders were legitimately made from their store.

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