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GAME is offering Quantum Break pre-orders a Kameo code instead of American Nightmare - Quantum Break for Xbox One News

Update: Amazon has also confirmed that it will be replacing the previously announced American Nightmare pre-order bonus with Kameo.

Original report: GAME has run into an issue with the Quantum Break pre-order promotion which planned to reward customers with a digital download of Alan Wake American Nightmare.

It seems the problem is the fact Quantum Break is a PEGI 16, but American Nightmare a PEGI 18.

"Unfortunately there's been a slight change to our pre-order offer. Quantum Break is rated PEGI 16, but Alan Wake's American Nightmare is PEGI 18. This means that we can't include it as part of our offer, as it's rated higher than the game being sold," reads an email sent to customers this afternoon.

"We're really sorry! To make up for it, we'd like to offer you a code for Kameo: Elements of Power, an epic Xbox 360 game now playable on Xbox One," continues the email. "We'll send this over to you via email at the launch of Quantum Break."

Gamers still wanting an American Nightmare code can do so at no extra cost by visiting a GAME store at launch with proof of purchase and a photo ID.

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