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Batman v Superman has made over $420 million worldwide -

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has opened to a giant $420.1 million in worldwide box office, setting a host of records in the process.

The film opened to $166.1 million in the US, becoming the biggest-ever debut for March, Easter weekend and for a DC Comics film. Zack Snyder's super hero film ranks as the seventh biggest opening of all time, ahead of Warner's own The Dark Knight Rises' $160.9 million.

Oversees the film made a massive $254 million from 66 markets, including a $57.3 million chunk in China, $21.9 million in the UK and $18.6 million in Mexico.

Batman v Superman now holds the biggest global debut for a superhero film.

Warner spent $250 million making the film, with many more millions on marketing, but it appears the investment will pay off and pave the way for the raft of DC Comics films to follow.

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