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Rock Band 4 crowd-funding adds $2,500 backer tier including all available songs -

The struggling Fig crowd-funding campaign for Rock Band 4 on PC has launched a new $2,500 backer tier which includes every Rock Band Store song available when the game releases - that's over 2,000 songs, says Harmonix.

"Starting now, available only to Fig backers, is the chance to purchase the entire Rock Band DLC library for use with Rock Band 4 for PC." explains the Fig update.

"That's right, this Backer Tier includes every single song still available in the Rock Band store when Rock Band 4 for PC launches, starting from the beginning of time [November 20, 2007] and ending on our launch date, in the fall of this year.

"The exact song count may vary, but we should have over 2,000 songs available, all of them included in our 'Collector' tier for $2,500."

The post adds that this is the "best deal on DLC" that Harmonix has ever offered.

Console Rock Band players may also have this option to buy all DLC in a bundle at some point in the future. "We are looking into it, but for now we don't have any specific plans," said Harmonix.

With only 13 days to go the Rock Band Fig campaign has made only $447,514 of its $1,500,000 goal.

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