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Sales of PS4 Camera & Move controller skyrocket after PS VR announcement -

PlayStation VR's release date announcement overnight has led to a huge rise in sales for its required camera accessory.

Sony announced a £349 price for PlayStation VR last night, though this price doesn't include the required PlayStation Camera or any optional Move controllers – PS4's DualShock is good enough for a VR experience.

On Amazon, sales of the PlayStation Camera are up 975 per cent, seeing its sales rank jump from No.215 to No.20. Amazon sells the camera for £39.

Similarly, the PS VR compatible Move Controller has seen its sales rise by 305 per cent, and a PS4 Camera Stand is also up by 243 per cent.

It seems PS VR early adopters are snapping up the required camera early in case of stock shortages - or price increases - down the line.

You're able to pre-order PS VR from Amazon now.

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