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Isle of Man TT game announced for 2017 - TT Isle Of Man - Ride on the Edge for PS4 News

Bigben Interactive has announced 'TT Isle Of Man - Ride on the Edge', an upcoming superbike racer due for release on "latest generation consoles" and PC next year.

Developed by Kylotonn Games, the game promises to feature leading teams and riders competing in the Isle of Man TT races, and a complete 1:1 remap of the 37 mile TT Mountain Course. The first screenshots of the game have yet to be revealed.

"For several years now, our team works together with Kylotonn's developers to create and offer the best depictions of some of the most spectacular racing events like the Isle of Man TT races or the World Rally Championship," said Bigben Interactive's head of software Benoît Clerc. "By creating 1/1 the iconic 37¾ miles of the race, we already know that all the motorbike fans will feel the speed and the excitement of being part of the Isle of Man TT races."

A representative for the Isle of Man's Department of Economic Development also hopes that the game will help boost "the profile of the TT Races" and "broaden the event's appeal to a wider, younger demographic".

Kylotonn developed last year's Motorcycle Club and WRC 5, and has previously worked on shooting franchise Hunter's Trophy.

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