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How to beat Falcon Lost Incursion in Tom Clancy's The Division - Guide -

Listen, lads, Ubisoft knew they had to try and keep The Division interesting, and with that goal in mind they've updated it with a new game mode to take on. But what is an Incursion? How can you beat it? Is it really that hard? Allow us to answer these questions. Although with regards to the last one: yes, yes it is that hard.

Incursions are a new update to the endgame in The Division that are basically raids. You need to be level 30 and have played the story PvE missions up to at least General Assembly, which is the second to last one. With Incursions you team up to face waves of enemies in high level, challenging battles, so, very similar to the rest of the PvE in The Division. This time, however, the whole mission is non–respawn, so if you die and your buddy doesn't revive your before your timer runs out, that's it. If the whole team goes down you have to start the entire thing again.

Falcon Lost is the first new Incursion, found in the Stuyvesant area of the map (in the very bottom right corner). It takes place underground in a water treatment facility, which you've been sent to in order to find a missing JTF unit. You also find a lot of Last Man Battalion soldiers and an armoured personnel carrier (hereafter referred to as an APC). Your job is to survive 15 waves of enemies as well as gradually destroy the APC with explosives. Completing Falcon Lost will reward you with Phoenix Credits and new gear, including a bit of one of the new Gear Sets.

Despite the explanation above sounding relatively simple the Falcon Lost Incursion is actually much harder than it sounds. The battle site is one big arena, the APC will be firing shots at you if you get too close, it's protected by a turret on either side, and some waves of enemies won't end until you plant the next round of explosives. There are a few things you can do to make it a mite easier, though.

The battle takes place in an arena, which is pretty big, and the APC has range on most of it. Rather than continually moving and breaking up the group it's best to set up a defensive position. It's generally agreed that one of the best places to do this is the back right corner (as you look at the APC), which has an elevated platform to give you a better angle on enemies on the ground, provides a few different bits of cover, and is out of range of the APC's heavy gun. This way you can draw the enemies out and wait for them a bit more on your own terms.

New in this update is the gear score, which is drawn from the combined quality and effectiveness of all the gear you have, and you can use to compare yourself to other agents. The recommended gear score for Falcon Lost is 160, with 140 being the absolute minimum.

The area the incursion takes place in is too large for short range weapons, so you want to prepare more for accuracy at mid and long range distance. Likewise the more DPS stacked Tech skills like turrets and the seeker mine won't be as effective because of the amount of range and cover. It's much more useful to use Medical skills, like modified support stations and first aid skills that can provide ammo or resurrect multiple or downed comrades. You guys will probably be dying a lot during this, so you need to be able to pick people up fast without having to rely on manual first aids. You need everyone on your team to have Medical skills, and use consumables like grenades instead of Tech skills.

As previously mentioned, once explosives have spawned in the arena the enemies will keep coming until you've planted those explosive on the APC. The explosives drop somewhere in the middle of the arena, and the most effective tactic so far is to send one team member to run in and run out with them after you've thinned out the enemies, so you can then provide cover for them and suppress enemy fire.

In order to actually plant the explosives on the APC you need to turn off the turrets at either side of it - the switches are on walls in small rooms either side as well. To get this done you should split the squad in half and run two by two up the sides of the room, so you can coordinate flipping the switches on the turrets, and then get the explosive planted, running back to your defensive position very quickly because once you've planted them the APC will start scattering shots all over the arena. Their area of effect is way smaller than a grenade, but there will be a lot of them to avoid.

It cannot be overstated how impossible this is to play if you don't talk to your squad. You should try and play with people you know, to make that process less awkward, but even if you're playing with strangers you need to talk. You need to let people know if you're down, and call out enemy movements. If you spot a sniper let everyone know you've seen a sniper (there is one wave of enemies that is almost wholly composed of snipers). And be polite! Just because you're a paramilitary group in a post apocalyptic future where civilisation is going feral, doesn't mean you have to lose you manners.

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