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Oculus Rift customers handed longer wait due to "component shortages" -

The Oculus Rift launch continues to run into issues with early pre-order customers now receiving notice of potential two month delays to their delivery of the new virtual reality device.

Having been told to expect a shipping update today, many customers are now being told "component shortages" have led to a several month delay.

"Received my April 12th update," wrote Oculus forum user Zoma. "Early-to-mid May for an 8:06 purchase (US) with a March estimate and the 1-3 weeks email on 03/24 :(.

Another customer who ordered within the first 10 minutes of availability posted a new May 9-19 expected date.

Elsewhere, a US customer who ordered 33 minutes after pre-orders opened is now facing a huge wait up to as late as June 2.

The VR system's original launch date was March 28. Customers placing an order today are being told to expect delivery in August.

Oculus has yet to make an official statement regarding the extended delays.

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