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Battlezone VR's campaign revealed with explosive trailer -

Battlezone VR for PlayStation VR will feature a campaign mode which promises endless replayability thanks to its ever-changing maps, missions and weapons, Rebellion's CEO and creative director Jason Kingsley has revealed.

A new campaign trailer showing off some of the game's stages – glowing industrial environments and windswept ice wastes – has been released, which you can see below. The trailer also shows off the game's redesigned cockpit.

"The campaign map where you pick missions is structured across a series of interlocking hexes (for all those older British readers, think “Blockbuster”!) that need to be completed to progress to the finale, and it’s up to you to forge a path through the campaign of your own choosing," says Kingsley.

"However, if you restart the campaign at any time, the hex map is re-generated procedurally, and dozens of environments, levels and mission types are blended together in a different combination. So each hex is now completely different from what it was before!

"With each playthrough you’ll unlock more of the complete arsenal, increasing the pool of weapons and special equipment you’ll be offered as you progress.

"This means that no two campaign playthroughs will be ever be the same as maps, missions and the weapons at your command change radically with each attempt."

Look out for more info this week from GDC, including what we hope will be a release date and price for PS VR.

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