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Sony is readying a more powerful PS4 for release this autumn, report claims -

A more powerful PlayStation 4 with support for 4K media and games is to launch this autumn, developer sources have reportedly told Kotaku.

PS4.5 will allegedly feature a more powerful graphics card to support 4K gaming and provide additional processing to beef up PlayStation VR titles. Though developers are referring to the new console as PS4.5, it's unknown if this is a nickname or something more official. One dev also called the updated system PS4K.

Sony told Kotaku it "can't comment on rumours or speculation".

PS4.5 might not be the only upgraded console on the block this autumn, with Microsoft seemingly paving the way for an updated and more powerful Xbox One to enter the fray. Xbox boss Phil Spencer has opening discussed the idea of more powerful hardware capable of being both forwards and backwards compatible with software.

And with Nintendo NX also rumoured to arrive this holiday we could be set for a pretty exciting arms race.

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