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Street Fighter 5 producer admits to misjudging need for single-player modes - Street Fighter V for PS4 News

Street Fighter 5 producer Yoshinori Ono has told Game Informer that neither he nor Capcom anticipated the demand for single-player content in the troubled fighting game.

"I think it's safe to say that we underestimated the popularity of some of the single-player features," Ono said.

"That said, we are excited about the two all-new single-player modes - character story and survival - and we have plans to continue to refine and expand onto those experiences."

Street Fighter's classic Arcade mode was notably absent from the game's launch, whilst the promised Story Mode will launch in June.

The game also suffered from severe server problems at launch, most of which have now been fixed. Effort is still being put into addressing the issue with rage-quitting, however, Ono says.

"We are putting in a lot of effort to smooth out the server problems and address issues such as rage quitters, which is affecting players' online experience," he said.

"Once we are able to implement all the fixes we have in store, I'm confident fans will enjoy the online experience that much more."

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