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Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Edition scalpers to be dealt with 'severely', says Square Enix - Final Fantasy XV for PS4 News

In the wake of Final Fantasy fans paying upwards of £400 on eBay for the sold out Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector's Edition, Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata has said Square Enix is doing what it can to go after those profiting from the collector's item, including the possibility of increasing the production run.

"I heard that the pre-orders swarmed in for the ULTIMATE COLLECTERS EDITION, and people couldn't place their orders. I'm really sorry," Tabata wrote in a statement delivered on Twitter.

"We're currently investigating if we can somehow increase production. I will keep you updated when there's any progress!

"For people placing abnormal orders suggesting purchases for the purpose of reselling, will be told that they will be dealt with severely in conformity with the agreement. We ask for your continued support of FFXV!"

Final Fantasy XV launches on September 30 for PS4 and Xbox One. Analysis

Cancelling abnormal orders is certainly something Square Enix could do to make some stock available to real customers.

Increasing the production run of the Ultimate Edition does seem a little less likely as this could cause unrest with those who have managed to secure the item. Making more units obviously makes the set less desirable.

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