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Hitman dev asks fans if they'd rather kill Gary Busey or Gary Cole in new mission - Hitman Episode One – The Showstopper for PS4 News

Hitman developer IO Interactive has asked fans whether they'd rather kill Lethal Weapon actor Gary Busey or Harvey Birdman's voice actor Gary Cole in a new mission coming to the game this summer.

The actor with the most votes will, judging by the video, be recreated as a target in-game for a new contract due to release later this year. Players can vote using the hashtags #KillBusey or #KillCole, with more information due to appear on the promotion's official website The website had yet to go live at the time of writing.

The wording, however, suggests that the winning actor will appear as a new 'live' contract, rather than be the focus of one of the six episodes due to release this year.

Hitman's first episode launched on PS4, Xbox One and PC earlier this month. The next episode, which is set in Italy, is due to arrive in April, although an exact release date has yet to be confirmed.

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