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Bravely Second Catmancer Skills and Mastery List

Check this guide out for all of the Catmancer skills in Bravely Second!

The Catmancer Job in Bravely Second replaced the Vampire from Bravely Default. You can learn enemy skills, then use them in battle. Unlike the Vampire, you also need specific cat items each time you use a Catmancer ability.

You can only get these skills from certain enemies. Some skills are unavailable until you reach chapter 5 or later, and some are available from different enemies depending on how far in the story you made it.

I'm going to list all of the Catmancer abilities, how to get them, and what items they need. If you need help with anything else, check out by Bravely Second Beginner Tips and Tricks.

I'm going to list the skills as they appear in Yew's Diary. I may be missing some and if you know what they are, let me know in the comments.

There may also be multiple enemies available for each skill, but I'm listing the ones that I learned them from. You can let me know if you learned them from anyone else.

These are higher level skills, but you still learn them from enemies. They require 2 items instead of 1 and level 8 Catmancer to unlock the Cat Mastery skill.

You can learn Cat Mastery skills as long as one character has Cat Mastery, but can't use them unless you have Cat Mastery unlocked on that character.

There are multiple ways to get Catmancer items.

Bravely Second Bioplant

If you are trying to max Catmancer and use all of the abilities, I highly suggest maxing out the Bioplant so you have easy access to every cat food item. It also gives you confectioneries for the Patissier Job if you choose to use that. 

That's all for my guide on Catmancer Skills and Mastery in Bravely Second. Let me know if you have any questions!

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