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The Stardew Valley Complete Steam Achievement Guide

Are you looking for a guide that will help you achieve that 100% in Stardew Valley? Look no further. This guide will help you get all the achievements.

If you're like me, then you have your eyes dead-set on completing the achievements for Stardew Valley. While the achievements may seem intimidating and challenging, they're actually very easy to complete. All it takes is a little planning.

In this guide, I split the achievements into 11 categories. 

Please use CTRL + F to quickly jump to the achievement you're looking for.

These achievements are important because they're exclusive to each save.

Local Legend 

Joja Co. Member of The Year

In the beginning of the game, Mayor Lewis will show you the community center. Old and run-down, the community center is inhabited by magical creatures, and it is the source of all your town improvements. However, the game gives you two ways you can improve the town:

Whichever option you choose, know that you will not be able to achieve the other achievement in the same playthrough. So if you decide to buy a membership from Joja Co., you are not allowed to get the Local Legend achievement unless you start another save file.

These achievements are the easiest to obtain, and you'll probably get them sometime during your save.






You can make gold in a bunch of different ways. But if I had to offer you my advice: stick to the berries. Blueberries during the summer, and cranberries during the fall season will net you a bunch of gold.

Treasure Trove 

A Complete Collection

There are 53 Minerals and 42 Artifacts to find. 

Minerals are found by mining rock nodes in The Mines, Skull Cavern, or in the Quarry. You'll most likely stumble upon a majority of these without meaning to.

However, Artifacts may require a bit more attention. They can only be obtained by killing monsters or through the "worm" tiles you see on the ground. (I briefly touch on this in my Stardew Valley Beginner's Guide.)

Worms Tile

For all my Animal Crossing lovers out there, think of a "worm" tile as the X that marks a buried item. These "worm" tiles will spawn randomly everyday, and you can get some great stuff if you use your hoe on them.

You might find some valuable artifacts or treasures that can help speed up the completion of your museum collection. So, it's best not to ignore them.

A New Friend

Best Friends

The Beloved Farmer




Full House

Your friendship level is determined by a number of factors. It can be influenced by dialogue choices during heart events, help requests, gifts (good or bad), and conversations.

Every friendship is out of 10 hearts. (When you're married, it is expanded to 12.)

One heart = 250 points, so that means in order to achieve a five heart level, you would need to accumulate 1,250 friendship points with an individual. 

There are a lot of ways to gain friendship points. You can:


Sous Chef

Gourmet Chef

This is one of the harder sets of achievements to obtain. In order to cook all recipes, you first need to obtain them. You can get recipes by:

Below is a list of all the ingredients you need to complete all the recipes. It's smart to create a chest and start storing the ingredients over time.

Credits go to /u/Can1s_Major for creating this spreadsheet.

My advice would be to watch Queen of Sauce whenever it airs, and socialize with your neighbors. Keep track of the items listed above and store them away for safe-keeping. When you obtain all the recipes, you can create them all in one go.



Craft Master

There are a total of 93 items you can craft.

This is an incredibly hard set of achievements because you need to keep track of all the items you have crafted. Check the wiki for a list of recipes and ensure you got them all.

If you're still stuck on completing the Craft Master achievement, just follow the steps below:

That should help you find what items you have not yet crafted.


Ol' Mariner

Master Angler

Mother Catch

Here is a list of fish that can be caught. Keep an eye out for fish that are season exclusive. Fishing may be extremely tough at first, but as you level up and get better fishing gear (rods, tackles, bait), it becomes much easier.

However, here are some basic fishing tips to follow:

Those are just some basic tips to follow. Keep practicing and you'll be sure to catch every fish! 

Here is an infograph created that showcases everything you need to know about the fish in Stardew Valley.

Moving Up

Living Large



Full Shipment

Upgrading your house is simple. Just talk to Robin at the Carpenter's Shop by the Mines and she'll upgrade your house for you. The resources you need can be found here.

The crop achievements are a bit different. Fortunately, they're a lot easier to keep track of than the fishing or recipe ones. To check on your progress, just check up on your 'Collections' tab in your inventory and hover over all of your crops. You'll be able to see how many of each crop you have shipped.

In order to complete the Full Shipment achievement, the first set of collections in the 'Collections' tab contains all the items you need to ship.


A Big Help

Protector of the Valley

In front of Pierre's shop is a bulletin board. Here is where you can look at the various birthday's of the month and respond to any help notices. In order to complete the Gofer and A Big Help achievements, you just need to fulfill some of the requests.

To complete the Protector of the Valley achievement, you need to complete all of the Adventure Guild's goals. Early on in the game you are shown the Mines. The Mines is a place where you can fight monsters, find treasure -- and of course, mine. A man comes up to you and asks you to join the Adventurer's Guild. Visit their location east of the Mines sometime between 2:00 PM and 9:00 PM, and there will be a bulletin board posted with a list of goals you need to complete. Completing these goals will net you the achievement.

And as further incentive, each goal will reward you with an item that may help you tremendously.

Singular Talent

Master of The Five Ways

There are five skills: farming, foraging, mining, fishing, and combat. They can each be increased the following ways:

My best advice for you would be to just play. Don't focus too much on trying to finish these achievements. As long as you keep playing, you'll complete them.

The Bottom

Mystery of The Stardrops

Prarie King

Fector's Challenge

This concludes the guide. I hope that I was able to help you achieve 100%. If you see anything that seems misplaced, please leave a comment below!

Big thanks to those at the official Stardew Valley wiki for providing pictures of each achievement. Your work is appreciated.

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