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Will you be able to run Mirror's Edge: Catalyst?

Mirror’s Edge is getting another shot at becoming an established franchise with Catalyst next month, and everything we’ve seen of Faith’s new adventure has convinced me that DICE is giving it their best shot. Along with a renewed focus on parkour over combat and a much more fluid system of platforming, Catalyst looks to be making full use of the Frostbite engine. In short, Catalyst looks gorgeous, and it’s going to require some power on PC to stay that way.

Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst is getting its own closed beta this weekend, which makes it a perfect time to let people know exactly what type of hardware will be required for the game to get up and running on PC. The minimum specifications are a little lower than you probably expect, but looking at the massive performance gap between them and recommended makes it clear that you’ll want to aim for the latter.

The recommended specifications match most other modern AAA releases over the past few months, making use of the most popular graphics card on the market before it’s (probably) replaced in a few months. Getting the game to run at higher resolutions and double the frame rate will obviously take a little more horsepower, but if you’ve been in that sort of market you already know that.

The closed beta launching this weekend will give players a little sample of some of the games early missions, side missions littered across the open-world and a taste of the light social feature the game will ship with. There’s been a scarcity of gameplay for Catalyst, so I’m curious to see just how it all pieces together.

And if you don’t get a code, don’t fret. Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst is out next month on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, so it’s not much more of a wait.

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