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Bravely Second Summon Locations and Summoner Job Guide

Check this guide for all the summon locations in Bravely Second and tips on using the Job!

The Summoner Job in Bravely Second uses power summons to deal massive magic damage on all enemies. There are 2 new summons in Bravely Second that don't deal damage, and one of the summons from last game was changed a bit.

You start with the wind summon, but you must find the rest of them throughout the game before you can use them. In this guide, I'll tell you the locations as well as give info and tips on using the summoner Job.

You can unlock Summoner in either chapter 1 by fighting Mephilia in the second side-quest, or in chapter 5 if you picked Swordmaster in chapter 1.

When you unlock the Job, you get Mephilia's Memo in Yew's Diary which provides clues to the summon locations.

Summoner only has S rank in Rods and all other weapons are C or lower, so no need to use anything else.

The specialty for Summoner is Convert MP.

Bravely Second Summoner Job

Summoner is great for taking out groups of enemies that are weak to elements. Since the summons hit all targets for their full damage, this Job is ideal for taking out groups even if they have different weaknesses. 

The new summons to decrease enemy attack and heal your party to full health make this an even more versatile Job and my favorite magic Job. You can easily keep your party at full health, as long as you have enough MP.

Save up BP if you are using spellcraft and need to do a lot of damage in one turn so you can use the spellcraft versions of your summons.

That ends this Bravely Second Summon Locations and Summoner Job guide. Let me know if you have any questions and be sure to visit my Beginner Tips and Tricks for more help with the game!

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