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Withstand: Minions Quest | Weekly Update 04/17/16

This week was a pretty low outcome week for Withstand: Minions Quest, as I was working on other projects and had a lot of stuff on my mind regarding my "core" job. Most of the stuff for Withstand was actually just planning ahead, creating concepts for gameplay and designing code on paper.

Our current goal is to create a proof of concept for the latest gameplay concepts we created, as these are more or less huuuuge changes (as huge, as a certain wall is intended to be) to the current "old" codebase. I don't want to go into detail too much, as I will post the outcome shortly (at least I hope so) and there is a chance that things change yet another time, if necessary.

What is the goal of this proof of concept? Basically it is mostly gameplay related, as we want to find out, which things feel better, and which things will be dropped and forgotten. But also we are checking out some real cool graphics related stuff and have two or more ways of realizing the requirement. So the proof of concept will be a living thing, that will be expanded, reduced, expanded yet again and so on - so it basically has no real goal except for proofing that one of our concepts is actually fun.

Last week we also started creating the music for our game. It is a very iterative process, as we go out there, search for game music we like, try to use the style of it and create our own. As we are essentially a two men army, and one is responsible for programming and PM tasks, the other for art and game design, sound and music is something we decided (or were forced to) to do this in our "free" time.

We already created a concept for the music that is played upon players' loss, we called it "Game Over", which is a very creative and innovative naming... We intended to create the main theme at first, but after playing around a little bit, the game over music came to life. It is available on Soundcloud here: It's a little bit melancholic and by no means final, but I hope you get the idea and enjoy it!

The next update will hopefully cover the result of the proof of concept, as well as some graphics (maybe even an in game video ) - it will be abstract, un-final graphics, but you will get the idea.

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