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Battlezone 98 Redux launches today; more Rebellion remasters in development - Battlezone 98 Redux for PC News

Surprise! Battlezone 98 Redux, a remastered version of Activision's 1998 tank shooter, will be available to download on Steam today, Rebellion has announced.

The game will be priced £14.99, with a 20% launch discount available during its first week on sale.

Developed by Big Boat Interactive, Battlezone 98 Redux is described by Rebellion as "the definitive version of one of the most beloved sci-fi strategy titles ever made", and features the original game remastered in HD, including two single-player campaigns and 8-player online multiplayer.

Lighting, shadows and particle effects have all been improved to take advantage of modern hardware, while vehicles, buildings and terrain have all been re-modelled with higher-polygon counts. You can check out what it looks like in these brand new screenshots.

Rebellion purchased the rights to the Battlezone franchise from Atari in 2013.

But Battlezone 98 isn't the only game in Rebellion's library due to receive the remaster treatment, however, with other unannounced 'Redux' remasters also said to be in development.

"We're thrilled to be bringing an IP as iconic as Battlezone back into contemporary gaming, starting today with Battlezone 98 Redux." said Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley. "We're also delighted to reveal we have more Redux games in the pipeline. We are blessed with a vast library of games and properties, and we are well aware fans are keen for us to give some of our other games the remaster treatment."

While Rebellion has yet to announce which of its games it plans to remaster, it has a slew of classic titles under its belt, including 2003's Judge Dredd: Dredd vs. Death, Rogue Trooper and the original Sniper Elite.

An entirely new Battlezone game, meanwhile, is due to arrive first on PlayStation VR.

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